Nogais Ancestry: Noteworthy Personalities


The Nogais are a Turkic ethnic group who primarily live in southwestern Russia, particularly in the North Caucasus region. They have a rich cultural heritage and have produced several talented individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields. Here are ten famous people from the Nogais ethnic:

  • 1. Shalkar, Khan of the Golden Horde (1259-1266) – Shalkar was a notable Nogai leader and a Khan of the Golden Horde. He played a crucial role in the consolidation and expansion of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century.
  • 2. Ilham Aliyev (born 1961) – Ilham Aliyev is the current President of Azerbaijan. He is of mixed Nogai and Azerbaijani descent and has played a significant role in the political landscape of his country.
  • 3. Akhmed Lysenko (1913-1968) – Akhmed Lysenko was a prominent Soviet actor and People’s Artist of the USSR. He starred in numerous movies and is remembered for his exceptional acting talent.
  • 4. Tolstoy Konstantin Petrovich (1856-1916) – Konstantin Petrovich Tolstoy was a Russian military officer and general of Nogai origin. He played a vital role during the Russo-Japanese War and received several honors for his service.
  • 5. Sayd Hasan Akhund (1889-1941) – Sayd Hasan Akhund was an influential Nogai poet and writer. He played a significant role in the preservation and promotion of Nogai culture and literature.
  • 6. Gazi Mollah (1788-1845) – Gazi Mollah was a Nogai Muslim religious leader and a prominent Mullah. He played a crucial role in spreading Islam and education among the Nogais.
  • 7. Izet Hajiyev (born 1983) – Izet Hajiyev is a professional football player from Azerbaijan. He has represented his country in several international tournaments and is considered one of the best Nogai footballers.
  • 8. Diana Gurtskaya (born 1979) – Diana Gurtskaya is a popular Nogai-Russian singer and songwriter. She gained fame after representing Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008.
  • 9. Fidar Serverov (born 1990) – Fidar Serverov is a successful martial artist from Russia. He has achieved numerous accolades in combat sports, particularly in mixed martial arts.
  • 10. Gazi Gop (14th century) – Gazi Gop was a renowned Nogai poet and musician. He contributed significantly to Nogai literature and music, leaving behind a rich legacy.

The Nogais have made substantial contributions in various fields, including politics, arts, literature, and sports. These famous individuals have not only brought pride to the Nogais but have also helped to promote and preserve their rich cultural heritage.

Most Famous Nogais Celebrities

Nogais are a Turkic ethnic group with a rich cultural heritage. Despite being a relatively small community, Nogais have produced several influential figures in various fields, including the entertainment industry. Here are some famous Nogais celebrities:

  • Aliya Mustafina: An Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Aliya Mustafina was born in Yegorlykskaya, Russia, to a Nogai mother. She has won numerous medals in international gymnastics competitions and is considered one of the most successful gymnasts of her generation.
  • Elnur Huseynov: A popular singer and musician from Azerbaijan, Elnur Huseynov gained international recognition after representing his country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. He belongs to the Nogai ethnic group, and his music blends contemporary pop with traditional Azerbaijani influences.
  • Shamil Basayev: Shamil Basayev was a controversial figure and a prominent military leader from the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. He was a member of the Nogai ethnic group and played a significant role in the First and Second Chechen Wars. Basayev’s actions during his lifetime continue to be a subject of debate and controversy.
  • Mukhamed Ilyasov: Mukhamed Ilyasov is a renowned wrestler from Russia who has won multiple championships in international competitions. He is of Nogai heritage and has represented his country in several major wrestling events, including the Olympics.
  • Idris Nogayev: Idris Nogayev is a successful businessman and entrepreneur of Nogai descent. He is the founder and president of the Russian company NPF Energy, which specializes in the oil and gas industry. Nogayev has been recognized for his contributions to the business sector and his philanthropic endeavors.

These are just a few examples of Nogais who have achieved fame and success in their respective fields. They serve as inspirational figures for the Nogai community and contribute to the rich tapestry of talent in the world.

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Ethnic Factsheet: The Nogais People

Region Languages Religion Population
Dagestan, Russia Nogai, Russian Sunni Islam Approximately 100,000
Stavropol Krai, Russia Nogai, Russian Sunni Islam Approximately 27,000
Republic of Kazakhstan Nogai, Kazakh, Russian Sunni Islam Approximately 3,000
Republic of Kalmykia, Russia Nogai, Russian, Kalmyk Sunni Islam, Buddhism Approximately 1,500
Other regions in Russia, Turkey, Roman Nogai, Turkish, Russian Sunni Islam Small scattered communities

Nogais Ethnicity: References and Resources

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