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Saint Thomas Christians are an ancient ethno-religious community who trace their ancestry to the arrival of the Apostle Thomas in India in the 1st century AD. Over the centuries, many Saint Thomas Christians have emerged as prominent figures in various fields. Here is a list of ten famous people from the Saint Thomas Christians ethnic:

  • Marthoma I – The first known native Metropolitan (Bishop) of the Saint Thomas Christians.
  • Joseph René Vilatte – An influential French-American bishop who helped in the reformation of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.
  • M.G.S. Narayanan – A renowned historian and scholar who has written extensively on the cultural and social history of Kerala.
  • Leela James – A popular singer-songwriter known for her powerful vocals and soulful R&B music.
  • John Abraham – One of the most successful Bollywood actors, known for his performances in films like “Dhoom” and “Dostana.”
  • Geethu Anna Jose – A former Indian basketball player who captained the Indian women’s national basketball team and represented India at the Asian Games.
  • Gabriel Chundan – A renowned artist and painter known for his detailed and vibrant artwork.
  • Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja – A legendary ruler and freedom fighter who led the guerilla warfare against the British East India Company in the late 18th century.
  • KR Meera – An acclaimed Indian author who has won several literary awards for her novels and short stories.
  • Oommen Chandy – A prominent Indian politician who served as the Chief Minister of Kerala for multiple terms.

These individuals have made significant contributions in various fields, whether it is in religion, history, music, art, sports, or politics. They have not only brought recognition to the Saint Thomas Christians ethnic but have also made a lasting impact on society.

Most Famous Saint Thomas Christians Celebrities

Saint Thomas Christians, also known as Syriac Christians or Nasrani, have a long and vibrant history that dates back to the arrival of St. Thomas the Apostle in Kerala, India in the 1st century AD. Over the centuries, the community has produced many notable individuals who have achieved fame and recognition in various fields, including the arts, sports, literature, and politics.

Famous Celebrities from Saint Thomas Christians Roots:

  • 1. A.R. Rahman – The globally renowned composer, musician, and singer, A.R. Rahman, was born to a Saint Thomas Christian family in Chennai, India. He is known for his captivating film scores and has won numerous prestigious awards, including two Academy Awards and two Grammy Awards.
  • 2. Dr. Verghese Kurien – Widely regarded as the “Father of the White Revolution” in India, Dr. Verghese Kurien was born into a Saint Thomas Christian family in Kerala. He was the architect of India’s dairy development program and the founder of Amul, one of the largest dairy cooperative movements in the world.
  • 3. Shashi Tharoor – An acclaimed author, politician, and former diplomat, Shashi Tharoor’s lineage traces back to the Saint Thomas Christian community. He has written numerous books and serves as a Member of Parliament in India. Tharoor is known for his eloquent speeches and insightful writings.
  • 4. P.T. Usha – Known as the “Payyoli Express,” Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha is a former Indian track and field athlete. She is considered one of the greatest athletes in India’s history and hails from a Saint Thomas Christian family in Kerala. Usha has won numerous medals in international competitions, and her remarkable achievements continue to inspire aspiring athletes.
  • 5. Benyamin – One of the most celebrated contemporary Malayalam authors, Benyamin’s real name is Benny Daniel. Born into a Saint Thomas Christian family in Kerala, his works often delve into issues of identity, migration, and displacement, drawing inspiration from his own experiences. His novel “Aadujeevitham” (Goat Days) gained critical acclaim and has been translated into multiple languages.

The contributions of individuals from the Saint Thomas Christian community extend to various other domains as well. From actors and filmmakers like Mohanlal, Nivin Pauly, and Shyamaprasad, to musicians like K.J. Yesudas and Stephen Devassy, the community has made significant contributions to the art and entertainment industry.

Politicians like Oommen Chandy, P.J. Kurien, and Vayalar Ravi have played crucial roles in shaping Indian politics, while individuals like Dr. George Varghese Kachenattil have made significant contributions to the field of medicine and healthcare.

These famous celebrities from Saint Thomas Christians roots not only reflect the diversity and talent within the community but also showcase the tremendous impact and achievements they have made on a global stage.

Ethnic Factsheet: The Saint Thomas Christians People

Demographics Distribution
Population 2.8 million Kerala, India
Language Malayalam Kerala, India
Religion Christianity Kerala, India
Denomination Various (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant) Kerala, India
Historical Background Trace origins to the arrival of Apostle Thomas in 52 CE Kerala, India

Saint Thomas Christians Ethnicity: References and Resources

There are several references and sources available to dig deeper into the ethnic background of the Saint Thomas Christians. Here are a few:

These sources should provide a comprehensive understanding of the ethnic background and historical context of the Saint Thomas Christians. Remember to critically evaluate the sources and cross-reference information to gain a balanced perspective.

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