Dollar Tree: A Company Overview


Dollar Tree is a household name in the world of discount retail, offering a unique shopping experience where every item is priced at just one dollar. Renowned for its budget-friendly approach to everyday shopping, Dollar Tree has captured the hearts of cost-conscious consumers.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of Dollar Tree, exploring its history, founder, operational countries, number of stores, estimated revenue, what it’s known as by consumers, and the enduring influence it has on the retail landscape.

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Dollar Tree’s history can be traced back to 1953 when K.R. Perry founded the company, initially as “K&K 5&10.” The original concept was to create a store where everything was priced at five or ten cents. In 1986, the company rebranded itself as “Only $1.00” and later as “Dollar Tree” to reflect its core pricing strategy.

Dollar Tree has made a name for itself by offering a wide range of products, including household items, party supplies, food, and more, with each item priced at one dollar. The concept of offering consistent, low prices on a vast assortment of products has set Dollar Tree apart in the world of discount retail.

Here is a summary of Dollar Tree’s key milestones:

  • 1953: K. R. Perry founds a Ben Franklin variety store in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • 1970: Perry, Doug Perry, and Macon Brock start K&K Toys in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • 1986: Perry, Brock, and Ray Compton start Only $1.00, a chain of dollar stores.
  • 1989: The first Dollar Tree store opens in Sumter, South Carolina.
  • 1990s-2000s: Dollar Tree expands rapidly throughout the United States.
  • 2010: Dollar Tree acquires Family Dollar, becoming the largest dollar store chain in the United States.
  • 2023: Dollar Tree has over 16,000 stores in 48 states and Canada.


K.R. Perry, the founder of Dollar Tree, was a visionary entrepreneur who had a passion for delivering value to consumers. His commitment to a simple, straightforward pricing model laid the foundation for Dollar Tree’s success. While Perry is no longer with us, his legacy endures through the company’s dedication to providing quality products at an affordable price point.

Operational Countries

Dollar Tree has operational stores in the following countries as of October 26, 2023:

  1. Canada
  2. United States

Dollar Tree is the largest dollar store chain in the United States, with over 16,000 stores. The company also operates over 200 stores in Canada under the Dollar Tree Canada brand.

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Number of Stores

As of October 25, 2023, Dollar Tree has 16,115 stores in operation in the United States and Canada.

Dollar Tree is the largest dollar store chain in the United States, and the company’s stores are located in all 48 contiguous states and five Canadian provinces. Dollar Tree also operates over 200 stores in Canada under the Dollar Tree Canada brand.

Estimated Revenue

Dollar Tree’s estimated revenue for 2023 is $28.332 billion, according to Macrotrends. This represents a 7.64% increase from the company’s revenue in 2022.

Dollar Tree’s revenue growth is being driven by a number of factors, including:

  • Strong consumer spending in the United States and Canada, the company’s primary markets.
  • The company’s focus on omnichannel retail, which allows customers to shop online or in-store.
  • Its success with its own brands, which now account for over 60% of sales.
  • Its expansion into new markets, such as Canada.

Dollar Tree is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years. The company has a strong brand, a loyal customer base, and a diversified business model. Dollar Tree is also investing heavily in its digital business and its expansion into new markets.

Known as by Consumers

Consumers commonly refer to Dollar Tree as “Dollar Tree.” The brand is known for its commitment to offering a wide variety of products, each priced at just one dollar. While it may not have many informal or playful nicknames, “Dollar Tree” is synonymous with affordable shopping, and it’s a trusted destination for consumers seeking everyday items at a bargain.

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Dollar Tree has solidified its position as a beloved destination for cost-conscious shoppers looking for everyday essentials at an unbeatable price point. Founded by K.R. Perry in the United States, the company’s legacy is apparent through its extensive network of stores and its commitment to offering customers quality products for a single dollar.

As a major player in the American discount retail industry, Dollar Tree continues to provide shoppers with an unbeatable value and straightforward pricing strategy, setting the standard for affordable shopping in the world of retail.

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