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The Sri Lankan Chetties are an ethnic group in Sri Lanka who have ancestral roots in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are known for their distinct cultural practices, including their cuisine, language, and religious traditions. Here are ten famous individuals from the Sri Lankan Chetties ethnic group:

  • M. CTM Jawfer – A prominent politician and lawyer who served as the Minister of Social Services and Minister of Health in Sri Lanka.
  • M. C. Abdeen – A former Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Sri Lanka who held various government positions.
  • M. C. Abdulla – An influential businessman and philanthropist who made significant contributions to education and healthcare in Sri Lanka.
  • Navaratna Rajaram – A renowned poet and writer who received numerous accolades for his literary works.
  • M. C. Sansoni – A distinguished architect and designer who played a crucial role in shaping the architectural landscape of Sri Lanka.
  • Yasmin Sooka – A human rights lawyer and activist who served as the Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa.
  • Paul Peiris – A renowned filmmaker and director who has made significant contributions to Sri Lankan cinema.
  • N. G. Ilangakoon – A highly respected journalist and writer who has written extensively on social and cultural issues in Sri Lanka.
  • Chandramohan Mahathanthila – A prominent academic and scholar known for his research contributions in the field of cultural studies.
  • M. M. Ismail – A former Member of Parliament and Minister of Sri Lanka who strove for the welfare of the Chetties community.

These individuals have not only excelled in their respective fields but also made significant contributions to the development and progress of the Sri Lankan Chetties community.

Most Famous Sri Lankan Chetties Celebrities

Sri Lankan Chetties, also known as Tamil Chetties or Colombo Chetties, are a prominent community in Sri Lanka. They are of Tamil origin and have a unique cultural heritage. Over the years, many Chetties have achieved fame and recognition in various fields. Here are some famous celebrities from Sri Lankan Chetties roots.

  • Muttiah Muralitharan: One of the greatest cricketers of all time, Muttiah Muralitharan was born into a Chetties family in Sri Lanka. He is the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket history and is known for his mesmerizing spin bowling.
  • Shalini Pandey: Shalini Pandey, an actress who gained fame with her debut film “Arjun Reddy” in Telugu cinema, has Chetties roots. She has since appeared in several successful films in various languages.
  • Dhananjaya de Silva: Dhananjaya de Silva is a talented cricketer who plays for the Sri Lankan national team. He comes from a Chetties family and has been a consistent performer in international cricket.
  • Sivakarthikeyan: Sivakarthikeyan is a popular actor and playback singer in the Tamil film industry. He hails from a Chetties family and has acted in numerous successful films, establishing himself as one of the leading actors in Tamil cinema.
  • Arjunan Kadhali: Arjunan Kadhali is a renowned playback singer in the Tamil film industry. He comes from a Chetties background and has lent his voice to many hit songs in Tamil cinema.

These are just a few examples of the famous personalities who have Sri Lankan Chetties roots. The Chetties community has contributed significantly to various fields such as sports, entertainment, and music, among others. Their achievements showcase the talent and diversity of Sri Lankan Chetties and their influence in shaping the cultural landscape of Sri Lanka.

Ethnic Factsheet: The Sri Lankan Chetties People

Demographic Distribution
Ethnicity Sri Lankan Chetties
Origin Tamil Nadu, India
Language Tamil
Religion Hinduism
Population Approximately 10,000
Geographical Distribution Primarily concentrated in Colombo, Jaffna, and Trincomalee districts

Sri Lankan Chetties Ethnicity: References and Resources

Here are some references to dig deeper about the Sri Lankan Chetties ethnic group:

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