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Walk-in pantries provide ample space for storing your food items, small appliances, and kitchen tools, which are essential for your daily household chores. Typically, a walk-in pantry is a small room adjacent to the kitchen, which has shelves and cabinets on the walls and floor for storage purposes. The dimensions of a walk-in pantry may vary depending on the space available in your home. Here are some of the ideal walk-in pantry dimensions to help you expand your pantry space:

  • The minimum width of a walk-in pantry should be 4 feet (1.2 meters) so that you can easily walk in and out of the pantry.
  • The height of the pantry shelves should be around 5-6 feet (1.5-1.8 meters) so that you can store your items easily and utilize the space without difficulty.
  • The depth of the pantry shelves should be around 2 feet (0.6 meters) to provide enough space to store larger items like appliances, baking dishes, and other kitchen tools.
  • If you have space available, it is ideal to have a pantry at least 6 feet by 6 feet (1.8 x 1.8 meters), which provides ample space to store your food items and other kitchen equipment.
  • The pantry doors should be at least 2.5 feet (0.76 meters) wide so that you can easily bring in and take out your bulky items from the pantry.
  • If you have limited space in your home, but still want to have a pantry, you can opt for a reach-in pantry. It is a narrow cabinet that provides enough space to store your basic kitchen items and is ideal for smaller kitchens.

By following these simple walk-in pantry dimensions, you can create a well-organized and functional pantry that makes your kitchen look neat and tidy.

Dimensions of Walk In Pantry

Walk In Pantry Dimensions & Sizes

Type Walk In Pantry
Common Sizes 5′ x 5′
Dimensions 60″ W x 60″ L x 96″ H

Guide to Walk In Pantry: References and Resources

When planning a walk-in pantry, it is important to consider its dimensions. Here are some references to dig deeper about walk-in pantry dimensions:

  • The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) provides guidelines for kitchen and pantry design, including minimum dimensions for walk-in pantries.
  • The International Residential Code (IRC) offers standard dimensions for a pantry area that include minimum clearances and access requirements.
  • Home design and remodeling websites such as Houzz, HGTV, and Pinterest offer ideas and inspiration for pantry design, including walk-in pantry dimensions.

By exploring these resources, you can determine the appropriate size for your walk-in pantry based on your storage needs, available space, and design preferences.

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