How To Solve Uberduck Ai Not Working

How to Solve Uberduck AI Not Working/Error

Metadesk: Uberduck AI not working/error isn’t something new. You need to know the tutorialto solve it, so the web app can be used again. Here’s how to make it work.

Have you ever heard about this application before? Uberduck is a web applicatio for the user to experiment thext to speech. This application isn’t available for gadget application. Sometimes, Uberduck AI not working/ error happens and will influence the whole content.

A lot of people who love with content usually use this Uberduck to increase their engagement. Uberduck becomes a good solution, but how if it’s not working at all? Here are some tutorial about Uberduck AI so the error can be solved quickly and you can use it again.

Solving Uberduck AI Not Working/Error

1. Open the website

The first step is open the website uberduck AI For easier usage, you’d better sign in using your PC or laptop, not your phone. Make sure the version you use is the recent one, especially the browser where you’re going to sign in.

2. Sign In

Log In To Use Text To Speech Features On Uberduck
Log In To Use Text To Speech Features On Uberduck

To sign in and make the website to work, sign in using your Discord account. If you haven’t created one, create your own account first on Discord. It’s free and less than 5 minutes to have an account. After that, click the button “Sign in with Discord” twice.

3. Fill the information

There will be a dialogue box which ask you the type of voice, the singer or celebrity, and also a speech to synthesize. Example type of voice is “rapper”. Example the celebrity is “Eminem”. Meanwhile the box speech to synthesize is filled with the text you want to say.

4. Look at audio

After you’ve done with the synthesize, there will be audio shows up on the screen. You can click the play button to review the reslt. There’s a length bar , speaker button and also “download” button at the right part. If you’re okay with the resut, click download to check uberduck AI not working properly.

5. Issue

After that, you’ll find the issue of uberduck AI not working/error. It means that you aren’t able to download the audio.

6. Resolving part 1

Click CTRL + F5 at the same time and do it for a longer time. Another option is by refreshing th full browser. This step is applied if you use Chrome, Firefox or Explorer to login. Other web platform might not work with this step.

If this is still happening, check the cookie and cache of the browser platfrom you’re using. Remove the unnecessary ones because it will influence on how Uberduck work. Re-login to theUberduck account if the page comes back to the main login page.

7. Resolving part 2

The second option of resolving the issue is by clearing the cache of DNS local. After that, check the ISP of yor Uberduck. Make sure the version you use is the recent one. After that, click start – click command prompt – type ipconfig – click enter.

If you found out that your own ISP is blocking the access, try to use other services that wil help you such as Google DNS and OpenDNS.

When you found out that this Uberduck AI not working/error, try to apply the solution above. This app must be developed from time to time, but at least the issue can be solved quickly. Don’t forget to download the MP3 to listen the result.

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