How To Solve Google Error Code Or Hdt 09

How to Solve Google Error Code OR-HDT-09 Based on Payment Method

Metadesk: How to solve Google error code OR-HDT-09 below will help you to fix the error. This error will be encountered during the purchase of some apps for Youtube Music.

When you are enjoying Youtube music, you might encounter an error with code OR-HDT-09. This error happens from time to time to random users. It is such an unhappy experience because it’s a failed transaction. Hence, how to solve Google error code OR-HDT-09 must be known.

This error usually happens when a user is trying to do a youtube music transaction. Even though it’s normal failure. You have to fix it or else you won’t be able enjoying Youtube music. Here are some great steps you have to do so the payment is successful and you can enjoy the service.

How to Solve Google Error Code OR-HDT-09

1. Use another payment method

This step is done if you only have one payment method and you have never tried another method before. This issue probably happens because they don’t recognize the bank you submit. So, replacing another one might be the best solution so the failure won’t occur anymore. The steps are:

  • Go to and then check the price of the item you want to buy. For this case, select Youtube music.
  • Scroll to the payment method, and then click down arrow.
  • You’ll find some payment methods offer and add another method.
  • Complete your purchase as the following instruction on your screen.
  • Make sure the payment is secured by choosing only the verified bank account.
  • If it’s completed with the new payment method, remove the previous method to avoid confusion during the next purchase.
Google Payments Center
Google Payments Center

2. Fix the credit or debit cards

You might submit the payment method with debit or credit card. This step is different from the previous one because it involves the data about your card. How to solve Google error code OR-HDT-09 is easy in case the issue occured because you need to recheck some information such as:

  • The balance: the balance you have might be lower than the purchase you need. If the balance is lower, then you won’t be able to process the payment.
  • Card expired: if this issue occurred, then you have to replace the card, whether it’s debit or credit because you won’t be able to complete the payment.
  • Update version of Google Store: this issue sometimes is abandoned, yet it’s very important since it will fail the purchase. Make sure the person is updated from time to time.
  • Extra information: they might ask more information about your card which you never submitted before. Without this extra information, it will cause the error.
  • Contact the provider: the provider might have cut off the permission to proceed with the payment. You can contact them first to make sure they provide and support the purchase from Google Play Store. This is how to solve google error code or-hdt-09 correctly for a digital bank provider.

3. Check your Paypal

Some of you might use Paypal for purchase. If it’s so, then make sure the Paypal connection is ready to provide the transaction. The failure occurs because the name and address of your account are mistakenly submitted. You can remove and re-send the same Paypal account , then try again.

How to solve Google error code OR-HDT-09 above will be the great solution for you whenever the error happens. This error is preventable if you submit the correct information about debit, credit, bank account or your Paypal account.

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