How To Solve Google Or Ccseh 26 Invalid

How to solve Google Error Code OR-CCSEH-26 Invalid [5 Simple Steps]

When you’re doing transaction with Google Pay, you might need to add more card. Whether it’s debit or credit, card becomes important part since it helps you have balance without to up. You may find some error code issue and you have to know how to solve Google error code OR-CCSEH-26.

What is error code OD-CCSEH-26? It’s an issue wher you can’t add more card to your Google Pay. Sure, it’s annoying because it will be hard for you since no other way to use beside top up. However, there are some steps to fix it and you can check the guide below.

Google Payments Error Code Or Ccseh 02

How to Solve Google Error Code OR-CCSEH-26

1. Try to verify your card

You are unable to add more card because your card possibly hasn’t been verified. It’s a big problem since Google won’t recognize the card and transaction will automatically fail. So, you have to verify the card first. Follow the instruction how to solve Google error code OR-CCSEH-26 evenly:

  • Sign in to the app of your back account.
  • Go to the charge of Google Pay.
  • Scroll to the bottom part until you find the Payment button.
  • And then, click the Payment button.
  • Tap the verify part.
  • Wait until the process finished.

2. Remove your expired cards

Another possibility why the new card can’t be added because you have expired card on the list. Too many cards will prevent Google Pay to rcognize which one you’re using. The worse is when you ave some list of expired cards. You have to omit them one by one. Here’s the step:

  • Click the Google Pay.
  • Find out the payment method on the app.
  • Check list of your cards.
  • Check the expiration date of the cards you have.
  • When you find out the expired cards, remove them from the payment methods.

3. Check your NFC

NFC is another way of payment for cashless. However, when the NFC is enabled, you’ll find it hard to use the Google Pay as your payment method. NFC device won’t allow you to use another payment. So, make sure your NFC has been off during the payment using Google Pay. Go to NFC setting > turn off.

4. Check yout card number

This is another mistake that you need to know how to solve Google error code OR-CCSEH-26. Sometimes, people mistakenly submitted the wrong number on the card. The system won’t recognize the card and the transaction will fail. So, recheck your card number.

  • Go to payment method setting.
  • Check the card information.
  • Check the expiration date and card number.
  • Save it once it has been changed.

5. Contact your provider

The last thing you can do to solve the problem is contacting the provider. There’s possibility that they have deactivated your account or cards, so they can’t be used anymore. Some banks even do another digital payment. Solving this error will be done once you find out the status of your card.

The issue of this code occures because you can’t add another card. It’s either your Google Pay which has a lot of cards, expiration date or else the provider. Follow how to solve Google error code OR-CCSEH-26 above to fix all the problem possible to your Google Pay account.

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