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Text to speech Best Text-to-Speech App to Improve your Project Contents

Do you ever get tired of staring at your phone too much? Or do you want to create a professional podcast and other digital content? This text-to-speech apps is the perfect solution for you.

Text to speech is an assistive technology that becomes crucial in this rapid growth of digital business and busy daily lives. The text-to-speech (TTS) apps will read the digital text aloud for you just with a click or finger touch. The apps work by converting the words on a computer or other digital devices into audio.

Even if you are not planning to grow your digital platform, TTS can increase your productivity by cutting down your screen time. It is also a great assistance for people with dyslexia and visual disabilities.

How does this TTS apps work? Text-to-speech adopt a speech synthesis process which implicates collecting database of recorded voices to produce a voice that sounds just like human.

Not only limited to synthesizing voices and reading the books or documents for you, the apps can also perform as a translation tool. Some also comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which can read text from pictures!  

In this digital era, you can access TTS apps in almost all kind of devices such as phone, tablet, and laptop. Here, are some of the best TTS apps you can try right now!

What’s is Murf AI?

Murf Ai
Murf Ai

Do you plan to make your podcast more professional? Or, turn your presentation to a whole new level? Murf can produce a studio-quality voiceovers in minutes. Its one of the most prominent text-to-speech apps that offer not only a text to speech converter, but also generating professional voiceovers for videos, podcasts, and presentations.

What’s There In Murf?

Murf offers voiceovers for every field from creative, corporate and entertainment. Don’t worry, Murf is easy to use even if you have no prior AI background. Its multimedia editor will help you build a professional voiceover with a grammar check and you can also fit the pitch, emphasis, and punctuation according to your liking. Simply upload your text, then leave the rest to Murf!

Another feature in Murf that you cannot just ignore is its AI Voice Changer. You can transform a voice recording into a professional AI voice, with your personal touch by playing with speech parameters.

There are over 120 voices in over 15 languages that you can choose according to your fields from corporate, marketing, educational sectors, authors, and more. To be more appealing, you can also add some images, videos, and music.

In addition, Murf allows you to create a separate workspace for your team to collaborate on project through its Enterprise plan.

So, How to Make Voiceovers With Murf?

Just follow these simple steps to create your perfect voiceover:

Murf Ai Dashboard
Murf Ai Dashboard
  • Go to Murf’s voice library on a drop-down menu in the studio
  • Choose a voice according to your script content
  • Play a few sentences from your script to the voiceover to get a better sense
  • Write your script on the text block, each block has limit of 1000 characters
  • Click the ‘+’ button below the text block to add more words
  • If you already have your script, simply copy and paste it to the text editor
  • Check the grammar and spelling with Murf AI grammar assistant
  • Give pauses by placing the cursor at where you would like to give pauses
  • Click ‘Add Pause’ on the top menu to adjust the length of the pauses
  • To add emphasize, select the ‘Add Emphasis’ option on the top menu you will see a graph with the selected sentence above it
  • Move around the graph to add emphasize to the particular parts of the sentence
  • Adjust the speed and pitch of the script according to your content type.

How Much Does It Cost?

With this easy-to-use feature, Murf works both in web and your mobile phone. Murf Studio starts from $13/month for basic plan and $26/month for Pro plan. If you still unsure, you can try it for free with their free basic plan. With its 4.9 stars review, Murf is one best text-to-speech apps for your business and everyday uses.

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