How To Use Text To Speech On Iphone
Text to speech

How to Use Text to Speech Feature on iPhone and iPad (100% Free)

Do you experience trouble when reading your text on your iPhone screen? Does your eyes get tired of the never-ending screentime? Text to Speech is an excellent app for your daily use that you can use both on your iPhone and iPad.

What’s There in Text To Speech?

With this app, you have option to 96 natural sounding-voices in 38 languages and accents! Of course, you also have freedom to adjust the rate and pitch of the sounding-voices.

The fun part is, you do not need an internet connection to use it. When you are typing the text, Text to Speech will highlight the text and speaks accordingly. You can also convert and export the audio for your needs. As a note, this app only works on iOS 13 and above to function.

So, How to Use Text To Speech?

This app is very simple to use, as it already builds on your iOS setting. Just follow this simple step to make Text To Speech read your text for you:

How To Activate Speak Screen On Iphone
How To Activate Speak Screen On Iphone
  • First, enable the Speech feature on your iPhone or iPad. Go to Setting> General> Accessibility> Speech.
  • You can use Speech feature to read your entire Apple screen. From the Speech option, turn on the ‘Speak Screen’ button.
  • If you want the app to highlight each text that is being spoken, you can turn on the ‘Highlight Content’ option. At Highlight content, you can choose to highlight either words or sentences, or to highlight both by checking on the option. You can also choose to underline and set the background color according to your liking.  
  • Next, go to the screen that you would like the app to read aloud. Swipe two fingers down from the top of the screen to start the reading.
  • A tiny speech control panel will pop up while the text is read aloud. The control panel will turn into a small right arrow button on the left side of your screen. If you do not do any action, the arrow button will fade.
  • To make the full control panel reappear, simply tap on the arrow. You can control the reading by clicking the play, pause, speed up, and slow down button. To stop the reading, click the X button. When you stop the reading and later want to continue where you left off, just swipe two fingers down on the screen.
  • To hear text read aloud as you type it, go back to the Speech screen Setting and tap the ‘Typing Feedback’ option. You can choose the app to read individual characters, words, or auto-text.

Text To Speech can be used when you type text for your Notes, Reminders, Messages, and even Email. If you get bored of the Speech sound, you can download a voice you prefer by tapping on the cloud icon. You can get sense of the voice by pressing Play and hear the voice demo. When you found the one you like, you can set it as the new default by tapping on it.

If you are an avid iOS user, go try this app right now. Its free, easy to use, and makes your life much easier!


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