How To Use Fakeyou In Español Language

How to Use in Español (Goku, Bob, Vegeta, etc.)

Metadesk: How to use in espanol language will be reviewed here. This deep fake web will help you generate audio with their great AI ability and a lot of languages.

Fakeyou is a website where you can consider it as an online application to generate audio. Fortunately, Fakeyou never creates any applications so you have to visit the web. How to use in Espanol language isn’t different from other languages available.

Espanol or Spanish is one of the languages which is available on this website. There are a lot of voices that you can generate too, especially popular characters in the world. How to use this website properly to get the best result? Here’s a simple tutorial to help you understand everything.

Tutorial How to Use in Espanol Language

1. Go to the web

Since Fakeyou doesn’t have an app on Android or iOS, mobile users need to visit their website using the browser or click this link >>>

Fakeyou Deep Fake Text To Speech
Fakeyou Deep Fake Text To Speech

After that, the screen will show you the main page which allows you to work immediately with the audio in your plan.

2. Choose category filters

This section is where you execute how to use in Espanol language. After you visit the page, you’ll see the option is “All voice”.

Espanol Spanish Voice Category On
Espanol Spanish Voice Category On
  • Click the category filters.
  • Scroll down until you find “Spanish/Espanol
  • Choose the language.
  • Once you go back to the page, don’t click remove because you need to re-do the work.

3. Choose voice

At this section, you’ll find about 78 voices that you can generate. These forms are updated from time to time to make sure there will be more voices from popular characters.

  • Click voice.
  • Choose the character you want or use the search box, for example: Bob Esponja (SpongeBob), Vegeta, Son Goku
  • If you aren’t familiar with the sound, you can see the details of the voice. The option is below the Search box.
Search Voice On Fakeyou
Search Voice On Fakeyou

4. Insert the text

After that, you have to insert the text on the textual box. Since you choose espanol or Spanish, then the text must be in that language. You can enter the text as long as you want. So far, how to use in Espanol language developement on the web is improving.

  • Click speak to start working.
  • Wait for the result under the textual box.
  • It might take a very long time, depending on how long the text you submit.
  • Download the mp3 and save.
  • Clear the text box but clicking the “clear” button under the textual box.
  • You can copy the permalink if you don’t download the audio.
How To Download Spanish Text To Speech Mp3
How To Download Spanish Text To Speech Mp3

5. Save the data

Actually, allows you to save the data in the system. This option is very useful because you don’t have to download the result once it’s generated. However, you have to register and create the account to save the data. The steps are:

  • Click the top right part of the page then click SIGN UP.
  •  Create the boxes from username, email, password and password confirmation.
  • Check your email because the verification is sent there.
  •  Click the link on email and you’re able to save the data on the website.

How to use in Espanol language is easy because it’s similar to other languages as well. The difference is the total voice, where other voices might be less or more. To save the data, create an account to ease you using the platform.

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