How To Fix Google Error Code Or Ieh 01

How to Fix Google Payments Error Code OR-IEH-01

Metadesk: how to solve google error code OR-IEH-01 required some time to check about the information you’ve submitted. Check the steps below to differentiate your case.

Recently, the usage of Google Pay is getting popular. This payment method have been used worldwide since the company cooperate with a lot of merchant. However, you might find an issue as OR-IEH-01. As the user you have to know how to solve Google error code OR-IEH-01.

This issue is usually experienced by the user when they tried to pay with credit card which is connected to their Google Pay. Since the problem isn’t descriptive enough, you might be confused when you find it. Here is some steps to fix this problem when you encounter this error code.

Steps How to Solve Google Error Code OR-IEH-01

1. Recheck your card

This error comes without some reasons and mostly because you’ve mispelled or mistyped the information of your card in Google Play. A lot of users experience this, since one number is error meant that your card is unknown by the system. It’s either your card number or CVV you typed.

Either way, you need to recheck some information regarding the expiry date too. This might be so random, but expiry date will be tracked by the system. If they found out that the date is different with the actual card, your payment will fail because the request is rejected by the bank.

2. Disable VPN and Browser Extensions

You might think that VPN will disguise your location, but during the transaction VPN can’t be used. Using Google Pay needs your actual IP address, while VPN hides it. Google will think that it’s a big conflict because they don’t recognize your area.

Disable Browser Extensions Could Help You To Solve Google Payments Error
Disable Browser Extensions Could Help You To Solve Google Payments Error

Purchasing needs the actual information about the card especially the country. Google needs to know where you’re from so the transaction will go smoothly. Therefore, turn off your VPN and use the correct IP address or how to solve google error code OR-IEH-01 keeps happening.

3. Verify your information

If your information is invalid, then Google has right to suspense your account. It leads to failure of purchasing anything using Google Pay. If this case happens, then you have to verify your information. Recheck the Google Payment section and complete all information in the boxes.

If you got to help or support, they will ask you to attach some documents to support your complaint. Each case might need different document too. So, prepare the document they ask. They’ll help you to recheck the issue. Usually they need your back account information and government ID.

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4. Change the payment method

The last one you can do to fix this is changing the payment method. If you have disabled your VPN, checked your card and verified your information but the failure keeps occuring, it may be about the payment method. How to solve google error code OR-IEH-01 with this way is:

Subscriptions And Services Tab On Google Payments Page
Subscriptions And Services Tab On Google Payments Page
  • Go to your Google Pay and check the menu on the left.
  • Choose the subscriptions and services
  • Check the option of “other purchase activity” and then view purchase
  • Click Google Play transaction
  • Click payment method
  • Edit the payment method with the new one
  • Submit and wait until they ask you to complete some instruction regarding the new payment method, such as filling information of your identity and card.

How to solve google error code OR-IEH-01 isn’t as hard as you think. This issue is normally happening during the transaction. Always recheck your identity and payment method you use to avoid the issue occuring in the future.

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