Fix Google Error Code [or Baavft 03]

Fix Google Error Code OR-BAAVFT-03 with These Simple Steps

Another issue you might find when you’re using Google pay is an error. The error code that is shown by the screen is OR-BAAVFT-03. This error happens normally, especially if you are living in the US. So, you have to know how to solve Google error code OR-BAAVFT-03.

Fail To Verify Bank Account With Or Baavft 03 Error Code
Fail To Verify Bank Account With Or Baavft 03 Error Code

The complaint of this error happens daily but it doesn’t show any description how to solve it. The screen only says that Google Pay doesn’t recognize your account. They might tell you to remove the payment method too. Here are some steps to solve this issue.

3 Steps How to Solve Google Error Code OR-BAAVFT-03

Sometimes, Google Playments Error Code [OR-BAAVFT-03] can be solved within a month after accumulative earning go to your Adsense balance. So, just make sure that you have a noticeable amount of Adsense earning and then, the error code will be disappeared in the next month automatically. But if the problem persists, please try the following method:

1. Verify your identity

Usually, Google Pay will ask you to verify your identity. This is the very first step that you have to clarify to Google Pay.  Since it’s related to the transaction, every information which is submitted must be clear. Then what kind of data do you have to submit?

Here are some information you have to recheck: legal name, address, DOB, name of payment profile, ID from government, legal address as receipt, and the payment method. You might have to submit the image of your bank account book for this part.

This step is very important that you must not miss. All information should be correct and the same as the documents you have. This step is helping to avoid unusual activity. Later, you have the right to claim any issues using legal software if it’s found in the future.

2. Payment method verification for US resident

If you’re staying in the US, then you have to verify your identity easier than outside the US. There are several methods that you can choose from filing complaints from email, bank app, phone or temporary deposit. The temporary deposit means that you have to save about at least $1.

After verifying, you might not get the code immediately. This issue must be solved by rechecking the information you have submitted such as app, verification method and also phone number. Sometimes, the poor connection from WiFi also affects the process of verification.

Another way to solve Google error code OR-BAAVFT-03 is replacing the payment method. Sometimes, the code sent to your email or phone doesn’t work. This is the sign that you have to replace the bank account. Choose the verified one.

3. Removing the payment method

On the display, you might find out how to solve Google error code OR-BAAVFT-03 invalid. The last step is removing the current payment method and changing into another method. It’s very important and you have to prepare another bank account which has been verified legally by the bank.

  • Go to Payment Method on your Google Play.
  • Click edit.
  • Edit the information available or shown on your screen from address, name of your account, the CVC and expiration date. All information must be correctly submitted as the documents you have.
  • Remove the current payment method since it could be confusing. Update the nickname of your new payment method.

How to solve Google error code OR-BAAVFT-03 is always about the unverified identity of your account. If you encounter this issue, make sure that all of the information you give to Google Play is correct since it involved the transaction.

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