How To Download Zedge Ringtones On Iphone

How to Download Free Ringtones from Zedge on iPhone

If you want ringtones, Zedge is a good place to get them. It is a free website that provides tons of downloadable cool ringtones for free. The question is, how to download free ringtones from Zedge? The answer is, well, it depends on the device.

In this post, we tell you how to download free ringtones from Zedge for iPhone. If you’re using an iPhone, you just need to follow the steps and you can get the cool ringtones you want.

How to Download Free Ringtones from Zedge If You’re Using an iPhone

While Zedge is also available as an app on the App Store, you can’t download free ringtones from the app like you can using an Android. This is because Apple limits the way downloaded ringtones can be added to an iPhone.

Not to mention the app doesn’t offer many free options, too. So, instead of using the app directly, there are some workarounds to do for iPhone. No worries. We guide you through each step.

Here’s how to download free ringtones from Zedge if you’re using an iPhone.

1. Install the GarageBand App

Garageband Free On The Apps Store
Garageband Free On The Apps Store

Open the App Store, tap Search, then type “GarageBand”. Tap GarageBand in the search results, and tap GET.

2. Go to the Zedge website

Next, open Safari and go to Zedge will prompt you to install the app.

3. Tap Use in your Web Browser

Open Zedge Using Browser On Iphone
Open Zedge Using Browser On Iphone

You don’t need to install the app. Instead, just tap Use in your Web Browser.

4. Browser for a ringtone

To make the search a lot easier, tap the Ringtones tab at the top. You will be able to see popular and featured options.

If you already know what you want, tap the search icon and enter the keyword. When you find it, tap it to open the preview screen.

5. Download the ringtone

To get the ringtone, tap Download and wait for about 10 seconds. Once the ringtone file is ready, tap Download again and save the ringtone in the Download folder.

6. Make a new keyboard project in GarageBand

Launch the GarageBand and tap Keyboard.

7. Open the Tracks view

Tap the button with horizontal lines at the top of the screen.

8. Tap the loop icon

The loop icon is near the top-right corner of the screen. Tap it.

9. Add the ringtone file

Tap the Files tab, then tap Browse items from the Files app. Tap Browse, On My iPhone, then Download and find the downloaded ringtone file. Tap it.

On the Loops screen, tap the file, hold it for a few seconds, and drag it upward to the Tracks screen. Drop it at the start of the timeline to add it as a track.

10. Export the file as a ringtone

Tap the menu button, then select My Songs. Tap My Song and hold it. When a menu expands, scroll down then tap Share, then Ringtone. Name the ringtone and tap Export and OK. You can now set the downloaded ringtone as your new ringtone.

And that’s how to download free ringtones from Zedge from It takes a bit of workaround but if you can get ringtones that you like for free, why not? It is worth a try. We hope it helps. Have fun!

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