How To Solve Adsense Error Code Or Baih 10

How to Solve Adsense Error Code OR-BAIH-10 while Adding Bank Account in Google Payments

You might encounter error when you’re trying adsense payment. One of error code that might appear on your screen is OR-BAIH-10. Hence, you have to know how to solve Google error code OR-BAIH-10 since the postponement of the payment will take longer if you abandon it.

The screen usually will display a dialogue that the problem occured unpredictably. You will be told to try later and it shows the error code. To solve this problem, take a look and follow these steps below so your Adsense payment will be successfully done.

Google Payment Error Code On Adsense Dashboard
Google Payment Error Code On Adsense Dashboard

How to solve Google error code OR-BAIH-10

The primary methord to fix error code OR-BAIH-10 on Adsense payment is waiting until Adsense earning move to balance at the beginning of the month. So just make sure you have daily income in your Adsense account.

I experienced it myself, after the income entered the adsense balance, the bank account was successfully added and the error message “OR-BAIH-10” did not appear again.

1. Check your account

The very first step is checking your bank account. Google recently applied stricter regulation, terms and conditions regarding Google Adsense. Usually, the user didn’t put the account bank which is the same with the address you’re embedded to the Google Adsense account. Google recognizes it as an issue.

Besides the address of your bank account, you have to check whether your back account has been verified or not. This verification is needed to avoid any illegal action problem that might happen in the future. Verifying the bank account might take time but it’s a very important step.

2. Add another bank account

If the issue still continues even though you have verified your bank account, it’s time for you to replace your bank account. This is the second step on how to solve Google error code OR-BAIH-10 that you might apply if the first step doesn’t work at all.

This is why you might need another bank account or at least the special bank account to proceed your adsense payment. Make sure every number on your account is typed correctly. You might need to verify your bank account first if you have a digital bank so the transaction is safe.

3. Contact the Google adsense support

Even though the problem might have been solved after you apply how to solve Google error code OR-BAIH-10 fix, you have to report the issue to Google adsense support. Usually, this issue will happen in the future if you don’t report it. At the browser, go to get help action on support Google.

What do you have to report for this action? Tell them that you have experienced this issue. As the receipt, you need to attach the screen capture of the problems and how you solve it. Confirm your issue by email or start the live chat with Google CS.

4. Contact YouTube content creator

This is the last step you have to do. However, you have to be in a YouTube program as a content creator. How to do this action? Please check the steps below:

  • Go to Youtube in your browser.
  • Go to your Youtube channel.
  • Click the profile of your account then scroll until you find the “Help”.
  • Click contact the Youtube Creator Support option and click for the new tab.
  • Open the option to create an email.
  • Attach the issue you have encountered.
  • You’ll receive the reply within 24 hours.

Those are the steps of how to solve Google error code OR-BAIH-10 which are easy to follow. It’s usually always about an unverified bank account since the transaction will be illegal. Make sure you always report the issue to Google Adsense help, so you won’t face the same issue anymore.

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